In 1964, Frank Halicki founded Halco Design as a service tailored to the top can manufacturing companies in the Chicagoland area.

Several patents have been credited in honor of Frank's dedication to creating unique design solutions. Our services have now expanded to food processing and industrial processing design.


In an effort to provide the industry's most advanced solutions, Halco Design remains highly experienced with the latest 3D modeling software available. In addition, Halco Design stands out by creating high quality production drawings in a variety of fields  which include machine tools, fabrication, sheet metal, and castings. Halco Design also has the capability to create 3D prototypes with our very own 3D printer. Our robust design methodologies ensure highly efficient and reliable products.


Features Overview

Halco Design has solutions for your specialized manufacturing situation.


Feature 1

Custom conveyor design that includes the following:

Bearings that have corrosion resistant housings and are lubed/sealed for life.

Drive options include motorized pulley, shaft mounted gear motors, timing belt or chain drive.


Feature 2

High speed production machine design that has installations world wide.


Feature 3

Experience with 2-piece beverage can making equipment with precision adjustment for spray position and easy to maintain components. 



Brian Halicki
Partner, Design


Craig Halicki
Partner, Operations