Halco Design

Mechanical Designer/Owner: Brian Halicki

• Initiates concept designs based on customer feedback, and communicates those designs to other team members to develop those designs on 3D CAD

• Creates engineering component and assembly drawings, bills of material, and manufacturing assembly instructions

• Collaborates with the marketing, purchasing, and manufacturing departments to develop product requirements, project scopes, and determine costs and manufacturing feasibility

• Ensures that each project is accompanied by proper documentation with respect to the product development and revisions made

• Designs test control equipment and develop procedures for testing products

• Conducts research that tests or analyzes the feasibility, design, operation, or performance of equipment, components, or systems.

Machine Designer/ Engineer: Craig Halicki

• Provides constant engineering support for commercialized products, and conducts root cause analysis to solve manufacturing or field issues

• Recommends, implements, and tracks performance of design modifications in an effort to eliminate machine or system malfunctions

• Updates and revises documentation and engineering drawings, and prepares and submits engineering change notices

• Selects and implements appropriate manufacturing processes and vendors to ensure that the most cost effective and robust options are considered